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Le Vrai luxe ne se montre pas ( 真正的奢華不顯露山水 )」── 當炫目的時尚隨著潮流浪裡來浪裡去,只有低調的風格站在灘頭上;屹立不搖;永遠經典!

1970 年創辦人Wanny Di Filippo  70 年代「嬉皮士」領袖級人物之一,他的風格深受義大利「文化革命」風潮的影響,崇尚自由、自然、簡潔。年少時期的 Wanny ,即喜愛著繪畫、設計;時常在夏日時刻與朋友休閒聚會在海灘上,常常在當下動手製作起皮革飾品,例如:皮帶、皮夾之類的飾品贈予友人,隨後這一愛好竟如同「賭注」般注定了他一生的前程。它朋友說著「你的設計圖這麼美,為什麼不為我父親的工廠設計幾款皮包呢?」於是Wanny 便精心繪製了生平第一個皮包草圖。儘管他根本沒意識到皮包究竟意味著什麼,亦或是不懂所謂的行規;每每把設計圖拿給工廠時,卻總是得到工廠師傅這樣的回應:「這個人瘋了吧!這樣的圖樣怎麼可能做成皮包,並且不合時宜而且太奇怪了!」當然 Wanny 就是不信這個邪,決定親自打樣版把它製作出來。

1971 年( 野牛 ) 就如此誕生了!誕生在佛羅倫斯。 

1973  1974 年間創造兩款(Caramella、The Maremmana) 擁有高機能性的包款,它們是IL Bisonte最具指標性的作品;至今依舊持續生產著。性情溫和的野牛是品牌的精神象徵,而野牛柔韌的性情透過 Wanny 重新釋意後;給予品牌一種鼓舞人心的想像力。Wanny Di Filippo 說:每個人都應該表達自己的風格,而非隨波逐流,擁有的並非是向他人炫耀,而是真正為了你的喜好,現在的人大多都喜新厭舊,要知道真正的奢華精品是值得一生擁有收藏,並可世代傳承的。IL Bisonte ;這個品牌最特別的設計精華絕對是「創造力、經典風格」的融合與延續,牛皮就像是第二層皮膚一樣,如同品牌的理念象徵。於美觀之上,更紮實的著重在實用與功能性。而且;不應該由我來告訴人們為什麼要收藏配戴我們的作品?因為我們相信這是出於自身的喜愛,一見鍾情的緣故如同生活中發生的點滴,因此我們會說:就去欣賞它、觸摸它、配戴它吧!然後就能夠感受到那些與你最合適、最合時宜的花火;轉化成獨具自我的個人風格、韻味。

“Le vrai luxe ne se montre pas” (Real luxury doesn’t show itself off) ── When dazzling fashion is drifting in the waves, only low-profile styles keep standing on the shore, everlasting, always classic! 

Founder Wanny Di Filippo is one of the leading figures of “hipsters” in the 70’s. He pursues freedom, nature and simplicity in his style, which is deeply influenced by the “cultural revolution” in Italy,.

Wanny is fond of drawing and designing since a young age, He spent many summer days on the beach with friends, and that’s when he would suddenly start making leather accessories such as belt and wallet for friends as gifts, Later this hobby magically became the destiny of his life. One of his friends asked him, “you make such beautiful designs. Why not design some bags for my father’s factory?” That’s how Wanny drew the first bag design sketch in his life, although he wasn’t aware what a bag means at all, neither did he understand how it worked in the industry. Every time he showed his design sketch to the factory, the craftsmen said “this man is mad! How is it possible to turn this design into a bag? It’s inappropriate and too weird!” Of course Wanny wasn’t convinced at all. He decided to make his own pattern and turn his design into real bags. That’s how “Il Bisonte” was born in 1971, on Via del Purgatorio, 69, Florence.

Between 1973 and 1974, Wanny created two signature bags of Il Bisonte—Caramella and The Maremmana. Theses bags of high fashion and high function are still produced today. Bison, a gentle animal, symbolizes the spirit of the brand. Wanny’s interpretation of its tender but strong character allows the brand to encourage people’s imagination. Wanny Di Filippo said “everyone should express their own style, not blindly follow the trend. Own something not to show off to others, but for your own taste. Most people are fond of the new and tired of the old. We should know that real luxurious items worth your collection of your lifetime, and it can be passed down to generations. Il Bisonte, the spirit of its design is the fusion and extension of ‘creativity and classic style’. Cowhide leather is like another layer of skin, symbolizing the brand’s spirit. Aesthetically, it focuses a lot more on practicality and functionality. Besides, I shouldn’t be telling people why they should collect and wear our products. We believe they do it because they like it, because it’s love at the first sight, just like what happens in our lives. Thus we say ‘just look at it, touch it and wear it!’ Then you’ll be able to feel the most fitting and matching sparks for you, and turn them into your personal style and taste.”